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Our Team

Kimberly Graham

Kimberly grew up in Nashville, TN, and has been helping friends and family members with errands, dog sitting, house sitting, light bookkeeping, waiting on vendors, assisting in grocery runs and planning parties for many years. 

Kim created On the Go Concierge after the umpteenth time of being unable to meet a vendor who needed to come to her house.  A career spent bussling back and forth between airports and a lengthy recovery from ankle surgery showed her the tremendous value in a service like On The Go Concierge. Life has a way of getting in the way, but grocery shopping, prescription pickups, and extracirricular activities don't have a pause button!

Kim knows what it's like to need flexible and professional help - often in a time crunch! Her commitment to personalized care makes her just the woman to help coordinate your needs. Reach out and say hi!


Missy Boone

Missy Boone has been working for On the Go Concierge for a little under a year, and has helped multiple clients with a variety of jobs. Whether it be picking the mail up or dog-sitting for a few days, she’s always up to the task! 
Missy has lived in Nashville, TN for her whole life, but she’s been in Franklin for the last 20 years, so she has become very familiar with the area. Being in the middle of everything, she is also able to reach places in reasonable amounts of time. This allows her to complete jobs that may require picking or dropping items off and generally running around town. She is also a people-person, and is more than willing to sort out any difficulties that may arise with a given job.

Grayson Boone.jpg

Grayson Boone

Grayson has lived in Franklin, TN for her entire life, and she’s been working under On the Go Concierge since the summer of 2019. In her time working for Kimberly Graham, she has done multiple pet-sitting jobs that have spanned from two-day weekends to seven day weeks. She loves meeting and interacting with every dog that she is pet-sitting for, whether they be a couch potato or a playful puppy! 
Grayson is a responsible young adult, who can multitask and keep things organized in the process! No matter where your dog is staying, Grayson will ensure that the environment stays tidy and that your pet sticks to their ordinary schedule. She’ll also take various pictures and videos of your pet so that you can stay up to date on how they’re doing

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Rachel Pierce

Rachel Pierce was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She had two dogs while growing up and is very caring and loving towards pets treating all with love and respect! Rachel has a warm and compassionate heart and is committed to providing the very best care with the pets in her care. Rachel has a strong work ethic, is dependable, and has great communication skills.  All attributes leading her to be successful in her previous positions as a receptionist, babysitter, dog walker, and customer service representative. Rachel attends Winona State University, majoring in Exercise Science, and plans to have a career as an Occupational Therapist.  She is a very social and outgoing individual, who always wants the best for everyone around her. Rachel makes sure to always put others first and solve any problem that comes her way. 


Helena Horsley

Helena Horsley was born and raised in Nashville and she currently lives in Brentwood. She is a college student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She is majoring in Communications. Helena and her family have had dogs all her life and currently have two dogs at home. Helena enjoys hanging out with family and friends and is very active in her sorority. She’s a people person and a pet lover that is ready to help in any way she can.

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