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What People Have to Say

Beth O.

Danielle K.

Eloping? That was our original plan too, but then, with a week to go, we changed our minds. A wedding in a week? It can't be done, we thought; enter Kim Graham, wedding planner extraordinaire. And, what a job she did!

Could it have been better with more time? Well, given that perfect is perfect, the answer to that question would have to be no, though that doesn't mean that you should wait like we did.

We obtained the preacher, although Kim could have done that too, but Kim did the rest: the venue, the invitations, rsvps, flowers, a caterer, bar tender, two cakes, a photographer, the music, everything short of selecting the wedding party, though she even provided ideas for their involvement.

Now, providing all of the above is quite a task, but more amazingly, each was top shelf in its own right. Together, they were seamless and complete, pleasing all in attendance, the bride and groom very much among them. Every cog in this wheel rolled smoothly, functioning in unison at the hand of their leader, Kim.

Had we to do it again, with several weeks or months to plan, our decision would be the same, Kim Graham. Do the smart thing: make her your choice as well, and your special day will be more special still, I assure you.

And by the way, our wedding was in Atlanta and Kim lives in Nashville.

-Mark E.

Beth O.

I went on vacation for a week and Kim came to my house and kept my dog "Midas".... She sent me pics everyday and was quick to respond when I touched base to see how he was doing! It was a wonderful experience for me and Midas. Will definitely call again when I need a sitter!

Carl A.

Very positive experience with On the Go Concierge!

Danielle K.

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